Meet the PSJ Staff :


Sachi Coxon -- Tseng
ICQ#: 13535507

Sachi began the creation of PSJ not long ago. He's half-Japanese and can understand Japanese fluently, so he has no need for American/European games. While he doesn't spend hours upon hours actually playing his few games - he believes appreciating a game does not mean neccessarily playing it.^_^ He spends hours looking through Japanese magazines to get information for PSJ (and his own interest), and seems to spend most of his internet time searching Japanese sites for obscure bugs and glitches (which shall be posted up soon), downloading game music, and any information, rumours, and illustrations he can find.
Favourites: Arc the Lad 1 & 2, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy Tactics.
Most Anticipating: Brave Fencer Musashiden, Final Fantasy VIII.

Alex Van Vucht -- Rude
ICQ#: 13956049

Alex does most of our HTML work - and works through the hardest conditions we put him in ^_^. He has minimal knowledge of Japanese, but plays games he can't understand regardless. While he is as much of a gamer as the rest of us - he likes to think he appreciates games on a different level than we do. He is, however, a good judge of games - like what works and what doesn't in a good game, and what qualities make a game shine. He applies this too often to RPGs, and is especially critical of the RPGs coming out these days - does a good game really need fancy graphics or a great soundtrack?
Favourite Games: Tobal 2, Ace Combat 2, Final Fantasy Tactics.
Most Anticipating: Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VIII.

Michael McLeod -- Reno
ICQ#: 13394557

Michael does all the graphical, format and design work for PSJ. He, like Alex, has minimal knowledge of Japanese - but likes to persevere through Japanese RPGs anyway. Role Playing Games seem to be his favourite genre, and he's a real sucker for promotional propaganda ^_^. However, he still tends to be rather critical of games that haven't been released yet, and has fairly fixed views about certain topics.
Favourite Games: Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy Tactics, Breath of Fire III.
Most Anticipating: Brave Fencer Musashiden, Final Fantasy VIII.

Feel free to e-mail us personally, but if you have any comments regarding our site, please e-mail us at

Thanks to: Jacel (for some extra HTML support), PlayStation Gamer and Anime PlayStation (for design inspiration), Tripod (...webpage space!), the Super Famicom (for nostalgic doses of Squaresoft which got us through late nights of HTML design), and the PlayStation (for doses of contemporary Squaresoft to get us through long days of frustrating HTML work).

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